Day 82

Day 82

It was pouring rain on our drive back from Disneyland last night. It didn’t start off super heavy, but as soon as we got into LA it got worst and worse. It was so hard to see the lines on the road because there were parts of the freeway without any reflectors. And twice I almost hydroplaned, which I have never even come close to before. It was the scariest driving experience I have ever had behind the wheel of a car.

But by the time the first near-hydroplaning experience happened, I knew that while I spent the entire day being a kid in Disneyland, this was the moment  I needed to be a grown up. I had to not let this rain scare me or worry me or make me upset and panic. Instead, I had to keep calm, keep control of the car, pay attention to my driving, and get us home.

Chris was fantastic the whole time. He made sure I stayed on the right route home and he helped me as I needed to make land changes or when I was having trouble seeing the road. He kept reassuring me that I was doing great and every time we made it to a new city closer to home, he let me know how many more miles we had left.

This experience was terrifying but through it all, I feel confident in my driving abilities and I feel so grateful to the universe, Chris, and every deity out there for helping us get back safely. There were a few moments when I was so afraid but we made it through, and for that I am so, so thankful.

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