Day 84

Day 84

We made it to San Jose! After two and a half weeks at my family’s house in SoCal, Chris and I drove up to San Jose this morning to spend the next week with his parents. I already miss my fam and my house, but the best part of being an adult and living away from home is knowing you always have your family to come back to whenever you want. I never take that for granted.

We ate lunch with Chris’s parents and I gave them their Christmas present, and they seemed to like it and thanked me. We took a much-needed afternoon nap before heading to an outlet mall to do a bit of shopping. We have a few fun events coming up (seeing the Nutcracker in San Francisco in two days and spending a weekend in Las Vegas in January) so I wanted to grab a couple clothing items to I have all my bases covered. And I am happy to say I succeeded at PacSun–Woo!!

After a delicious dinner of 火鍋 (hot pot), we grabbed our first milk tea of the trip–and boy was it delicious. And now we are back home and I am all snuggly and showered and ready for a relaxing evening.

I am so grateful to Chris and his family for always including me and welcoming me into their home. And I am looking forward to the week ahead of us. It will be a bit busy, kind of like it was in Ventura, but I am sure we can find some time to relax. And if that’s not enough, there is always the week we are back in SB without classes. Hooray!

I am also still feeling the holiday spirit. Although I am not listening to Christmas music anymore, I still feel the warmth and the love leftover from Thanksgiving onward. And I believe I will continue to feel that this week. Here’s to keeping love and kindness in mind as I head into 2017. It will be a big year…but I’ll save those thoughts for a later post. 🙂

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