Day 88

Day 88

This is something I have said time and time again, but I will continue to say it because it is something I truly realized and believed this year: you are, in part, the product of who and what you surround yourself with.

This winter I have done so much thinking. With getting my wisdom teeth removed, I had about a week of just chilling in bed and having little to do but think about life in general. And with coming up to San Jose from Ventura, even more thinking has occurred. I don’t mean the type of thinking that keeps you up at night wondering and wandering and wishing for things; I mean the happy type of thinking that makes you hopeful and understand your brain and your world.

There is so much time we have on this earth and yet so little, and with the beginning of a new year just around  the corner I know that I will be living must more simply and mindfully in 2017 than I did at the beginning of 2016. I believe that I have undergone a mindset transition and transformation since the end of my junior year of college, and while I don’t believe new year resolutions are necessary to make change in your life, they are a good place to start. Or in my case, continue.

So, with this post comes a refreshing continuation of the same outlook: I am who I surround myself with. I am good energy when I take it in and put it out into the universe; I am positivity when I surround myself with those who uplift me and bring me happiness; I am love when I give to others and when others show their love. And I am so happy that I have this opportunity to live because, although some say life is short, right now I feel that I am just getting started.

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