Day 92

Day 92

The cold lingers on today. I am not sure if I feel worse than yesterday, but I also don’t think I feel any better. Just have to keep going, I suppose !

But despite this sickly feeling, I am still in a great mood today. We stocked up on groceries and that is always the best feeling ever, when you are a hungry college student and just want food. And I have an interview for an internship on Thursday, so fingers crossed it works out in my favor!

I am so thankful to be able to relax over these next few days. I can watch Netflix and not feel bad about it, and I am still scheduling in time to get things done around the apartment and be productive. Tomorrow I have to send a bunch of emails. Woo!

I am enjoying writing these blog posts at least an hour before I sleep at night. It just allows me to reflect without it feeling like a chore I haven’t done yet. If you are a blogger or someone who journals often, when is your favorite time of day to write? Let me know!

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