Day 93

Day 93

Chris and I had such a lovely day together today. After he had an interview at a local hospital (good news: he got the job!), we went downtown and shopped a bit and ate lunch at a yummy restaurant.

He was so sweet and treated me to a pair of hoop earrings and a new MAC blush–my first one, in fact! I picked up a couple pieces for our upcoming trip to Las Vegas at H&M and we grabbed lunch at California Pasta. We were able to split pasta and clam chowder despite us both being sick, as we just got separate bowls to divvy up the food. And we were so glad we did this, too, because the portion sizes were so big, there is no way we could have each had our own full-size bowl of pasta!

When we got home, I tried using my new slow-cooker for the very first time and cooked up some homemade chicken tortilla soup. We ate it by the evening and Chris and I really enjoyed it! It always makes me so happy when I can cook something and he truly likes it, and I thought this soup made the perfect dinner for a sick and rainy day.

I have been coughing up a storm during the past hour so it is definitely time for some hot water with lemon, but before I end today’s post I just wanted to truly express how important it is to have days like today. Chris and I planned yesterday that we would have this mid-morning date together, and we carried through with it despite the rain. We just brought an umbrella and walked around, staying in the same general plaza of the downtown shopping area. And I believe that days like this are just so important to have–days when you get out of the house no matter the weather or a little cold. It feels good knowing I got some fresh air, and we left for home as soon as Chris said he was feeling tired and needed to rest.

It was a lovely January day filled with warm hearts and (possibly warmer) soup. 🙂


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