Living Intentionally: 2017 Goals

Living Intentionally: 2017 Goals

I have been thinking a lot about goals for this year, some of which I began last year and will continue to carry through, and others that I want to start. So here is a list of my 2017 goals. I am posting it in this “Living Intentionally” section of the blog so that I can hold myself accountable, as these are my intentions for living in this new year and beyond. 🙂 I will probably continue to add to this list and plan to create posts throughout the year in this section updating you on my progress. Here we go! 

  1. Live every moment with intention: make it a habit to make decisions that align with my life and goals. This is number one because if I do not aim to do this, I can’t really accomplish anything else on this list.
  2. Aim to not react to things so quickly. Take a deep breath, relax, and think about my words and my emotions before reacting to anything so suddenly.
  3. Make an effort to feel beautiful, inside and out. I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting to put an effort into my appearance. Wearing makeup that flatters me and creating a wardrobe that inspires me will help me to feel confident in my own skin.
  4. Spend wisely and intentionally. Keep track of all my purchases, specifically those that are not necessities for living, and fully think through what I want to spend my money on. I am a college student on a budget–I have to act like it!
  5. Continue to make an effort to be kind and thoughtful to everyone around me. Treat others, even those who do not show me kindness, with kindness and warmth. We attract to us what we put out into the world.
  6. Have a clear divide between my work space and my sleep space. Spend more time working at my desk and table and less time sitting in my bed. This is a simple one, but it is so important to have these boundaries. Even with something like blogging: this is still work! Not doing it in bed will allow me to fully consider my sleep space as relaxing and my desk space as productive.
  7. Spend more time spiritually. Whether it is praying in the morning or before bed, reading spiritual books or texts, meditating, or just thinking and manifesting. This is something I began in 2016 and want to spend more time on in this new year.
  8. For every time I put myself down, I must give myself a compliment right after.
  9. Continue my morning weekend walks with Christopher. We started this last year and it is such a lovely time for us. Quiet time outside with my partner truly helps us recenter and enjoy the little things together as a couple. I love this.
  10. Fully embrace the Law of Attraction to create my dream life. Graduation is coming and I do not want to let the fear of the unknown keep me from my dreams. If I want something, I must attract it into my life and work to get it.
  11. Travel to Oregon and Maine. These are two places that I have been wanting to go for a while now. Chris and I keep bringing up the idea of visiting Maine, and he seems on board for Oregon as well. While traveling is always a goal, I wanted to write these two specific places on here because I truly believe I can save and manifest these places into my life this year.


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