Day 96

Day 96

I spent so much time this morning to myself. I don’t just mead spending time watching TV (I have been doing a lot of that this winter break, let me tell you…) but rather time for myself spent productively in more ways than just studying Chinese (which I did, by the way!). The time I spend for myself this morning was productive in the sense that I felt as though I was doing good things for myself. I cleaned and organized my wardrobe, I drank my favorite chai tea, I wrote a new blog post including my goals for the year, I did research on how to stay on track and live life abundantly. I spent time bettering myself and my own well-being and I loved it.

And it is within this past year that I have understood the importance of productivity: it is not just doing schoolwork at a reasonable pace or going to the gym. It is so much more than that.

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