Day 97

Day 97

The rain is pouring here in Santa Barbara. It it my last night before classes start in the morning and I can’t help but feel nervous and sad about it. I think it is because this winter break was so long — one month! the longest I’ve ever had for a winter break. And that makes it a bit harder to transition back into the school life. I would know; I spent all week telling myself to study Chinese and only doing it briefly for an hour two days ago.

There is a freshness that comes along with every new quarter that I just love. I get new pens and notebooks and I wait for my textbooks to come in the mail. My fridge is full of food I can cook and I am not as stressed as I know I will be in a few weeks. It feels like taking that first drink of water in the morning.

So yes, it sucks having to go back to classes and to the “real world” of college (as “real” as it can be, I suppose). But on the bright side, I am spending this weekend in Vegas for the first time as a 21 year old, so these next few days in class can’t be that bad.

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