Day 99

Day 99

Managed to avoid getting caught in the rain, had my first day of class with my favorite professor, and just found out that my favorite dystopian novel is being turned into a TV show. Can you say, It was a great day ?

I have a Chinese quiz tomorrow that I am trying my best to prepare for and I ate a delicious dinner with Chris and Sabrina. Cooked cod for the first time and I think it was successful! And I did a little face mask because I am breaking out a bit (periods are the worst).

All in all, I am feeling pretty good. Yes, this week is going by very slowly and I can’t wait until Friday, but I feel good about my classes and life in general. I talked to both of my parents today, so that was lovely, and I am going to sleep so soon.

Loving life despite quizzes and homework! Three more days until I can relax (and plan out exactly when I am going to get my weekend work done…but I’ll figure that out later).


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