Day 101

Day 101

As I reflect on my day, I realize that I have an opportunity to discuss one of my new year resolutions at work: changing my attitude such that I do not react so quickly to things that may bother me.

This is something I have touched on several times on the blog but I wanted to discuss it once more because 1) it is a resolution of mine that I am working to implement in my life, and 2) something happened today and I totally forgot about the resolution.

BUT even though I reacted quickly to something (again, like other times, I did not react to the person directly but rather ranted a bit in annoyance to my friend with me at the time), I still was able to understand that the situation was not a big deal at all and while I was annoyed, I knew it was fine. AND I think that that is some improvement! Even though I was not actively considering this goal of mine in thinking about and reacting to the situation at hand, I still was working through and understanding my emotions and thought process and communicating it in a rational and reasonable way.

I am proud of myself! but I also know that I need to work harder. I was listening to the “Earn Your Happy” podcast (SO good, I highly recommend) this morning and also while I was at the gym today and one of the things the speaker, Lori, touched on was judgement. She was saying that often we are so quick to judge and react to others’ actions that we need to step back and hold off before we communicate these judgmental thoughts out loud. She said that every time she thinks something negative or judgmental about another person, she is making it her goal to stop herself and change the way she speaks about the person. Rather than approaching annoying situations with frustration and negative reactions, she is trying to approach them with compassion. I find that to be super inspiring!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks so much for reading. I hope you are having a great night or day, wherever you are. 🙂

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