Days 103-105 Wrap-Up

Days 103-105 Wrap-Up

Wow! It has been a couple days since I posted on here. I spent the past weekend in Las Vegas with a group of some of my closest friends and got back to my apartment this evening. I didn’t bring my laptop so this post will be a summation of my post-Vegas thoughts as well as how I have been feeling the past three days since posting!

To start off, Vegas was a whirlwind. It was so great to spend some quality time with my friends in a place that was new to most of us. We ate, we talked, we adventured throughout the many hotels on the Strip, and we laughed a TON. It was awesome! But as with any time hanging out with a group of people, sooner or later people get annoyed and it gets difficult to please everyone or coordinate things that everyone will agree with. But all in all, we made it work and we all left the weekend knowing we had a nice time.

We stayed in the Paris hotel, which I have never stayed in before. It was lovely! I slept in a room with Sabrina and Yuhan and Chris, David, Jose, and Alex were in another room down the hall. It was so nice to spend time with Sabrina and Yuhan in our girls room: we talked about whatever we wanted, relaxed, and all of our stuff was spread out EVERYWHERE. I don’t often get to spend that much time with Yuhan almost one-on-one, and it was so nice to get to know her even more than I already do. As for Sabrina, she is my best friend, so of course having a sleepover with her was great.

We explored all around the strip and compared the different hotels. We ate a lot of food and walked SO MUCH that we were all saying our feet hurt by the second morning there. We did so much in two days that it feels like four.

Chris and I even got to spend a bit of time together just the two of us on the evening of the second day we stayed there and we both truly loved getting to have this time together.

Now, I am at home in my apartment. We did some laundry, I tried to get as much reading done as I could, and I planned out my whole week. I am so grateful right now for this weekend but overall I am just happy to be home. It feels so good to be back in my apartment, especially knowing I had a great weekend with friends. I can’t believe it is over after we spent so many months talking about it! I don’t know what I expected, but I do know I had fun.



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