Day 113

Day 113

You know know those moments when you find out something that was completely not what you were expecting? That happened to me today and for a good while it threw me for a loop.

I got some bad news. I was bummed about it, I was nervous about it, and I even shed a tear about it. Feeling crummy after receiving word about something totally unexpected is not fun–not to mention kind of scary! But at the same time, it is so worth it to feel what you need to feel and then assess the situation.

In my case, I found out I may not be able to graduate in the same ceremony as many of my close friends. This is definitely not ideal, I am upset, and I will do whatever I can to change it–but for the time being, I have to make the most of it and just move on for a while.

I think the reason why this news in particular was especially disappointing is because graduating college is a huge milestone and it means a lot to me to do it surrounded by the people I have spent time with and treasured these four years.

But the more I think about it, the more I need to tell myself that graduating is what is important. No matter who I do it with, I will be graduating college with a bachelor’s degree. And at the end of the say, that is never, ever disappointing.

This, like all moments, is another lesson. I need to keep my head held high, let myself feel, but also not lose sight of what is really important during this time in my life. And no matter what, that mid-June day will be part of a great weekend.

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