Day 114

Day 114

When I think of my relationship with Chris, the word “balance” comes to mind.

I want to do a separate blog post entirely on this topic, but for today’s entry I thought I would just write what is currently on my heart: balance within our relationship. By “balance” I do not just mean making time for each other among our other responsibilities. I mean balancing emotions, needs, wishes, and thoughts.

On nights when Chris has class late, I try my best to make an effort to prepare dinner for him. It may not always be perfect, but I like to make sure as often as I can that he is taken care of and doesn’t go to class hungry. Similarly, when I am stressed or feeling pressure, Chris will do my dishes or take care of our dinner that night.

Another way in which I feel balanced is when we give equal weight to each other’s thoughts and feelings. We talk through everything, try our best to listen to each other, hear what each other is thinking and feeling, and we comfort each other. At the same time, when one of us wants space, we give them space. It is all giving, giving to each other as we would want the other to give to us, in the form of a listening ear, time, space, anything.

I am glad that this is my post for today because it is a word that came to mind after Chris and I talked about something a bit more serious. I thought of how blessed I feel to be able to work things out with him, and also how strong I feel about our ability to listen to each other and strive for balance in our life.

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