Day 116

Day 116

I love having friends who actually get me.

I have a good amount of friends–or rather, I know a fair amount of people who I would definitely say hello to while walking down the street. But as far as real friends go–people who I could text anytime to talk or to say something funny, or people who I just genuinely love being around and make a conscious effort to stay in contact with–I don’t have a lot. And I am very happy about that.

I am an introvert: I am shy for a while, I don’t open up easily, I would rather stay inside most weekends than mingle around, and I have trouble keeping friends because I am very sensitive. These aren’t all qualities of all introverts, but this is simply how I am. During my freshman year of college, I tried so hard to make friends. I went to parties, I talked to nearly everyone on my dorm floor, I introduced myself to strangers. I wanted so badly to know as many people as possible and be social, because that’s what I thought you were supposed to do  in college.

But as time went on, as I made some pretty close friends and began dating my current boyfriend, I went out less and less. I got very involved with the school newspaper, I spent time with my boyfriend more and more, studied a ton and really focused on school, and I had a very small handful of awesome friends who I actually hung out with. And I realized in doing this that it felt so much more right than going out every other weekend during freshman year. It felt more like myself and less like the kind of person I was trying to be. I still like dancing and sipping cocktails, and going out with my friends can be fun when we are attending birthday parties or with people we are good friends with. But now, I leave parties whenever I want, I hardly go out after 9pm, and I love it that way.

Tonight, I attended my former roommate’s 22nd birthday party. I brought Chris along and we mingled some, but we hardly knew any people so we were kind of just hanging around and people watching, saying hello to whoever we ran into. And it was okay! We left after about an hour and my roommate completely understood…because she just gets me, and she knows that parties aren’t exactly my thing. And that is totally fine.

She is just one of the reasons why I am so happy to have my small handful of close friends who accept me for being myself, and who I wholeheartedly accept, too.


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