Day 118

Day 118

I totally overslept today…meaning I completely slept through my alarms and woke up 2.5 hours later than I wanted to.

At first, I was totally upset with myself. I was annoyed and stressed and thought, how could I let this happen when I have so much work to do today? I even texted Sabrina about how annoyed I was, since she was waiting on me to wake up so she could come over !

But after making my tea and sitting in silence for a bit, I realized that because I wanted to wake up so early, I wasn’t listening to my body. Sleeping in was almost as if my body was taking over and saying, “Nice try, Bailee, but I need way more rest than that. Calm down.” And after realizing this, I did calm down.

Sometimes I need to take a step back from what I want to do and think about what is best for my own health. Grades are so important, but on a weekend when I have many more hours to do homework than on a weekday, sleep is important, too.

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