Day 121

Day 121

Do you ever do something or say something and then think, “Whoa, I really need to check myself”? Because that is exactly what I did today.

Chris, being the best boyfriend that he is, offered to pick up milk tea for Sabrina and I on his way home from class today. I said yes, ordering my favorite Okinawa milk tea. But when he got here and I tried it, it tasted completely different than expected…it wasn’t bad…but it definitely wasn’t the delicious flavor that I normally get. And Chris could immediately tell that I didn’t like it—and I told him I didn’t like it.


Do you see the problem here? He offered to bring me a drink and I blatantly repeated that I didn’t like it at all…I said thanks, but that was really it. And he was like “Uh, okay.” We moved on and talked about something else, I asked if I was being rude, etc. But then a few moments later I realized something huge: I was completely defying the entire practice of gratitude that I have been striving to master these past 121 days. So I walked into Chris’s room and apologized and said, “I was not being grateful.”

I was not being grateful for something as small as a free tea. 

Being grateful for the big things in life starts with appreciating the little things. Vibrating positivity from every part of you has to begin with looking at every aspect of your life as a gift, as a treasure that you have been blessed with by God or the universe or both. And appreciating the little things in life—such as tea from your boyfriend or the scent of perfume or a delicious meal or not missing your bus—allows you to fully extend your appreciation to the larger things that matter, too.

And you know what else?

I drank the tea, down to the last drop, and I appreciated every sip of it.

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