Day 122

Day 122

Phew. Between class, office hours, and a meeting with my thesis advisor, it felt like I had a busy morning…until I came home, ate ramen (because college student life is that real), and flopped in bed.

I relaxed so much today and it felt so needed. Yesterday I stayed up pretty late doing work and being productive, and that truly did feel amazing and accomplished. But today I knew I needed some rest, so I spent more time doing things that make me happy, like taking naps and doing some research for our WDW trip this fall, and I loved every moment of it.

Something that has taken so long to learn these past few years of adulthood—but that I am so happy I finally understand—is the importance of listening to your heart and body and doing what will truly make you feel good. Last night, getting a ton of work done for my thesis made me feel like a rockstar. Today, relaxing made me feel equally as good. And I even fit completing a homework assignment and reviewing Chinese into my day today, too.

Another thing that I want to mention: I always hear “there are not enough hours in the day.” But you know what? There are enough hours! There are just enough hours to do exactly what you want as long as you focus, buckle down, and take each task one step at a time. Sure, during times of stress like finals or projects, it can seem like there is not enough time. And that is when sleep or relaxation are sacrificed for a bit…and that is completely okay, as long as you are listening to what will really make you feel good.

Listen to yourself, don’t overthink it, and be positive about what can be accomplished in a day, from productivity to relaxation. It’s all worth it.

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