Day 129

Day 129

It is so amazing how much can be accomplished in a day.

I think that the phrase “There aren’t enough hours in a day” is completely overused. This is because time is something we create ourselves.

Yup, you read that correctly. We create time ourselves, and then we make excuses for not finishing things and we blame it on not having enough time.

But by monotasking instead of multitasking (more on this later), truly focusing on what we want to do instead of what we think we don’t have time to do, and getting down to business, we can accomplish way more than if we sat around waiting for time to stop passing so we could catch a breath.

Today, I needed to get a lot of reading done. But tomorrow, I have a full day ahead of me: I am visiting family for a few hours, going to the gym, reading at least 100 pages, studying for a Chinese quiz on Monday, and eating three meals. And you know what? I know I can do it. Because I am going to buckle down, get my stuff together, and hustle.

What are you doing tomorrow?

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