Day 137

Day 137

Today, while watching one of Alisha Leytem‘s videos, I learned about the power of affirmations. Affirmations are something that I have definitely heard of before, but it wasn’t until today that I felt like I actually understood their purpose. An affirmation is something that you do not currently believe to be true but that you want to believe, and so by saying it to yourself throughout your days and weeks, you train yourself to believe it.

The affirmation that Alisha said helped her in her lowest point in life was this: all is well in my world. 

In times of deep stress, worry, and strife, this affirmation is said to help. So today, after hearing this, I thought, wow, that is a great idea and that affirmation is so powerful. And so, in carrying my 2017 positivity goals through and in never losing hope that life is not over and that there is still so much to look forward to, I decided that today I will begin to adopt this affirmation into my life.

Alisha also stressed something that I have thought about time and time again, and it is a saying and belief that I have tried to think about, especially recently. In life, things do not happen to you; they happen for you. 

Just think about that one for a moment. Things do not happen to you. Things serve you; things happen life to lead you down another path. So maybe I don’t think life is going my way…or maybe there are things going on that are bringing down the people I love. But the best part about going through something is that you are going through it…and in the very meaning of that word, you can see that there is something past what is going on currently, and everything in your life is happening for a greater reason.

I hope you enjoyed these thoughts today. I certainly enjoyed writing them. And please check out Alisha‘s blog, Facebook group, and YouTube channel. She’s definitely a wise soul.

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