Day 143

Day 143

Today, while I was walking around campus with Sabrina, Chris texted me saying he wanted to treat me to a little lunch. So at around noon I met him at the UCen and we got soup and salad together. Then, we both surprised each other by saying we were planning on going home right after! Chris got out of lab early and I was done with classes for the day.

Ever since the very beginning of our relationship, Friday night have been special for Chris and I. We always make an effort to do something special, have a little date night, or just spend time together on Friday nights. No matter what, over the course of the past few years, we have this agreement that Friday nights are our nights. Sometimes it doesn’t work out and life gets in the way, in which case we are disappointed but understanding. But we always find ourselves back to our Friday nights.

So today, I got off the bus and walked through the front door, only to find Chris ready to take a nap. We took a nap together, woke up, and sat together in his room, him playing video games and me watching silly YouTube videos. And even though we didn’t get as much homework done as we should have, it was still a perfect Chris and Bailee day.


(Also, I made a delicious casserole for dinner, so that made today even better.)

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