Day 150

Day 150

I just did a lovely guided meditation and I feel so relaxed. My headspace felt so clouded and busy before, so it truly feels nice to detox my mind and recenter my thoughts. I was reading a book for a class and I found myself getting so distracted by busyness and happenings outside of my academic life. This wasn’t fun and it was especially not productive! So to combat this, I went into my room and meditated. It worked so quickly that I needed to document it here.

I am not saying it works like a miracle instantly; meditation and mindfulness definitely take some practice. But by setting your intentions and truly paying attention to yourself and your mind, you can start to feel a shift.

I really like the meditations by Joanna Garzilli, and I highly recommend them. Her voice is very soothing and I really enjoy her explanations and narration.

I encourage anyone reading this to take some time for yourself every day, and especially when you are feeling low, busy, rushed, anxious, or cloudy. Whether you are journaling, meditating on your own, going for a walk, expressing gratitude—whatever it is, take some time to reflect. It really does improve my mood and mindset. I think you will agree!

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