Day 153

Day 153

This week is the beginning of finals stress. There is just so much going on in all of our lives that it is becoming so draining. Sleep is not taking priority and there is just so much to do. But through it all, I am grateful for Chris. It is awesome because we can be there for each other all the time: we can both be stressed, but if one of us is more on edge or needs extra patience, the other will take care and be extra kind and giving. I love that.

I am also so happy that I went to the library and met up with Sabrina and Wanying this evening. They already had a table so I was able to arrive at 7 and immediately start working. My thesis is an absolute monster but I got some of it done and feel good about what I did tonight. And I planned out my tasks for the rest of the week. Hooray!

Super stressed about exams and papers and my thesis…not to mention still thinking about post-grad jobs and trying my best to make sure I am consistently sending in apps and my resume. Send some good vibes and happy thoughts my way! I am doing that for everyone reading this. ❤

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