Day 167

Day 167

I have been so caught up in the whirlwind of life lately: graduation is fast approaching, I am anxiously interviewing for jobs and biting my nails to hear back, my birthday is coming, people are moving away soon, and everything seems to be going a mile a minute.

So today I slowed down. I didn’t realize until minutes ago, but that’s what I did. I slept through my alarm, I took work slowly, I read slowly, I took a nap and took a sunset drive to In-n-Out with Chris and David. I lived life slowly and truly tasted it.

And you know what? It was a great day. Sure, I got turned down for an internship and I truly am putting all my energy into getting this one job that I think might be the best thing ever. And I didn’t take my schoolwork too seriously today—I didn’t buckle down or hustle. But that was the beauty of it all. In taking today slowly, I was able to taste every moment. Working this morning took a lot of thinking. Cooking my lunch was so enjoyable. Reading for my fairy tales class was so much fun and albeit relaxing. And driving to get a quick dinner with my boyfriend and roommate was a perfect moment.

I don’t know what life will be like in a year or two. But I do know that I am grateful for the life I lived today. And I want to make sure that even after I am in a full-time job in the real world, I want to always make time to take life a little slower.

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