All in a Golden Afternoon

All in a Golden Afternoon


Hello everyone! Today I have another fashion post for you. This is one of my favorite outfits for this season because it has all of my favorite pieces in it!

I want to post more about fashion and style to share how you can dress fashionably without breaking the bank. All of the pieces in this outfit are totally affordable and were either purchased on sale or at low prices! I just graduated college in June, I’m paying off student loans, and I’m a pretty busy girl, so the last thing I can do is buy a ton of expensive or designer pieces all the time. Here is a classic outfit of mine that encompasses everything I love! Check the captions for outfit details. 🙂


My cardigan is from Urban Outfitters and I got it on sale last Winter! My turtleneck is my new FAVORITE shirt and it was $15 (!!!!) from Uniqlo. Pro tip: Uniqlo is a great place to get basic stylish pieces at really affordable prices. This shirt was regularly priced!
My jeans are from Hollister and I got them for under $40. Hollister jeans aren’t the best quality, but they fit my body type the best because they are stretchy and come in a long size, and the high-waisted fit is SO comfortable!
My slip-on blush pink mules are from Amazon and were $16! They took a little bit of breaking in, but now they are super comfortable, and I wear them almost every other day! 
My Alex and Ani bracelet is from the Disney Parks! I got it on our recent WDW trip. It was totally a splurge, but it was the number one souvenir I wanted for myself, and it’s my first Alex and Ani! I wear it all the time. My knot ring is a gift from my precious boyfriend, but he got it from Nordstrom a couple years ago, and they have similar affordable styles there still. 


These tassel earrings are super on-trend right now…but I snagged mine for $8 from AMAZON. Go get some!


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