Time for Another Life Update

Time for Another Life Update



HELLOOOOOOO internet world!

It’s time for another life update.

It has been almost one year since graduation, and that is absolutely mind-boggling to me.

Here’s what has happened since my undergrad days came to a close:

I got my first full-time job in the Bay Area, where my awesome boyfriend was born and raised.

I began my freelance writing career after I met an amazing writer and mentor through a happenstance LinkedIn request. 

I traveled…a lot! We went to Walt Disney World, Taiwan, and Hawaii, and I’ve made many trips to my hometown in between. 

And after many restless nights, morning meltdowns, and seemingly overwhelming situations, I finally felt secure in my life and choices. And that is really cool. 

The truth is, graduating college really wasn’t glamorous for me (cue the Fergie song getting stuck in your head…you’re welcome;). I have felt VERY lost more often than I’d like to. I miss school, I miss my friends, I miss my family and my hometown, and I miss the feeling of limbo that college brings.

College for me was this awesome in-between life stage where I lived in this imaginary world of exam prep and thesis writing, where I could see my friends whenever I wanted, and I could eat as much junk food as I wanted and never feel bad about it. I felt safe in college. I felt at home. And when all of that ended, I felt so lost for a really long time.

But this past year has taught me way more than I ever thought I needed to learn. Life isn’t always going to work out exactly how we plan it to…and in my case, I had no idea how I wanted this year to go. It has taken a lot of adjusting and even more “soul searching” (yup, that’s right, I’ve searched for my soul, it happens), and I am not even sure if I am 100% sure that I am making the right decisions all of the time.

But what keeps me going on this journey of life is having goals and ambitions bigger than my daily routine. I’m finally figuring out the kinds of grad programs I want to apply to. I am finally writing more and more and trying to get into the industry that I’ve always wanted to be in (thanks, Rory Gilmore, you’ve really stuck with me). And I am finally realizing that it’s okay to not have everything figured out. Heck, it’s okay to have NOTHING figured out. And even though I thought I knew exactly what I wanted, I am still changing my mind almost every day.

That one good song from the Cars  movie is true: life is a highway. It’s wild and fast at some times but bumper-to-bumper traffic at others. And often, I miss my exit. Often, I’m at risk for getting a speeding ticket or I want to just keep driving with nowhere to go. And I may not know exactly where my highway is taking me…

But the least I can do is enjoy the ride.

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