I have always believed in fairy tales.

When I was 7, I would spend my days biking through my neighborhood while wearing princess dresses and my nights writing stories and wishing for Peter Pan to appear at my window.

I have one ear that is slightly pointier than the other, and I still believe it’s because I’m part elf (though I don’t have the height to prove it).

And now, as an early-twenties post-grad girl, I aim to travel the world looking for castles (notably of the Disney variety).

I’m a storyteller, a bookworm, and a worker bee—and, as Cinderella says, nobody can ever order me to stop dreaming.

This blog is my space to document my life: theme-park trips, global travels, fun outfits, and daily thoughts—it’s all here. So grab a cup of tea and stay a while. I love making new friends. 🙂


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