Year-Round Magic: My Favorite Disney Clothing & Accessories

Year-Round Magic: My Favorite Disney Clothing & Accessories

Disney is one of my favorite things, so it’s a no-brainer that I love to incorporate Disney style in my everyday life. Here are a few of my favorite items that help me keep the magic alive—even when I am not in the parks!

Alex & Ani Cinderella Bracelet


I’m starting off with my favorite souvenir from my recent trip to Walt Disney World: my Alex & Ani bracelet. Before the trip, I had never owned an Alex & Ani before, and I knew that this would be the perfect place to purchase my first one. And what better princess to honor than Cinderella, the symbol of the Magic Kingdom?!

Seeing Cinderella Castle for the first time was one of the most special moments in my life, and eating at Cinderella’s Royal Table was an absolute dream. So Chris and I knew upon seeing this bracelet at World of Disney that it would be the only choice for me.

I love wearing my A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes bracelet on its own or with other gold jewelry. It’s the perfect touch of Disney for everyday wear, and the jingling sound of the charm reminds me of charm bracelets I would often wear as a child. This bracelet is so special because it is a symbol of our first trip to WDW and a reminder to never stop dreaming.

Typo Mickey Mouse Club Tote

Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 9.27.51 PM
Image via Google Images. 

What an awesome (and CUTE) tote bag! I purchased this from Typo—am I the last one to realize that they have awesome Disney merch?! I love this because it isn’t outrageously Disney. The gold text on the black canvas is tasteful and trendy, and the subtle references to Mickey and Disney are only noticed upon close-up inspection.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Disney bag, but I also love to incorporate Disney into my outfits in subtle ways. This bag is perfect for toting around my work laptop or study supplies, and it’s an awesome carry on for my frequent flights.

Oh Yeah Apparel Main Street Academy Sweatshirt

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.56.18 PM
Sweatshirt from OYA; Tsum Tsum from Disney Parks; custom ears made by Chris. 

Oh Yeah Apparel is definitely one of my favorite small shops. I have loved them for well over a year, and I love their original Disney clothing items. Christopher purchased this Main Street Academy sweatshirt for me earlier this year, and I have loved it ever since.

Even though the owners of Oh Yeah Apparel are WDW locals, this sweatshirt is a fantastic reference to Disneyland, the first Disney park ever! I always feel as though I am paying homage to Walt and Disneyland, my favorite childhood park (and still my favorite place!). Plus, it’s SO cozy, and it fits me like a glove, so I never feel that I’m swimming in a on of fabric when I wear it.

ShopDisney Minnie Mouse Long Sleeve


You can never go wrong with the queen herself! Well over a year ago, I bought Chris a Mickey Mouse long sleeve shirt, and since then we were looking for a matching Minnie one for me. We found this cozy number in 2016 while walking around World of Disney after an awesome September day at California Adventure, and we both knew after seeing it that it was meant to be.

This shirt is so fun to style because of its boat neck. I can wear it off the shoulder and layer it with so many other pieces. It’s cozy and loose enough to sleep in, but it’s in good enough condition to still wear out day to day. I love it!


Thanks for reading! If you have something you’re passionate about, don’t be afraid to show it through your clothing and accessories. Wearing these Disney pieces brings a smile to my face every day. 🙂



My Selfies Are (Not Necessarily) For Your Liking

My Selfies Are (Not Necessarily) For Your Liking

Why are we shamed for feeling confident about ourselves? 

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t post photos on Instagram to get likes. Sure, some people post photos to get a reaction, maybe to show off whatever it is they are doing, and that’s fine! There is absolutely nothing wrong with posting something for others to see. If you are confident enough to post something because you want to show others what you are up to, then more power to you.

But for me, I use Instagram as an online photo album. I upload photos so that I can scroll back and look at whatever I was up to and how I felt about it. I have had Instagram since my senior year of high school, and now, going into my senior year of college, I am so happy to still have access to all those photos I used to post, everything I had experienced and shared.

I am so happy to still have access to all those photos I used to post, everything I had experienced and shared.

That being said, I appreciate getting likes as much as the next person, but they aren’t something that boosts my confidence. So if I post a selfie on Instagram and I notice that it gets maybe 20 less likes than a photo that a random stranger took of my boyfriend and I, do I get insecure? No way! And this is why:

My selfies are not necessarily for your liking. And that is 100% okay with me. 

In a world where women are told to feel ashamed for being confident, where we are called “conceited” for thinking we are pretty and where we are told that not thinking we are beautiful is what makes us beautiful (I’m looking at you, 1D), posting a selfie isn’t always widely accepted. But if a woman posts a photo of herself because she got a promotion at work or she finished her finals, should she be shamed for it? Absolutely not. So why should a woman feel weird or ashamed for posting a photo simply because she feels beautiful–simply because she is beautiful?

In a world where women are told to feel ashamed for being confident… posting a selfie isn’t always widely accepted.

My social media accounts are for my own personal enjoyment, and posting selfies takes a hell of a lot more courage than an oversaturated photo of the French toast you ordered at brunch. Having the courage to show the world that you love yourself and feel confident about how you look is amazing and absolutely nothing to feel worried about. We shouldn’t ever feel as though we are not good enough or not liked enough to post pictures of ourselves online.

So post that selfie…or don’t. What you choose to publish online is your choice, and you have every right not to have your decision impacted by how much likes you may or may not get, or what people may think about your confidence. My Instagram feed is filled with photos that make me smile when I look back at them. And if a selfie makes me happy, well, so be it.


A Tuesday Date With Myself

A Tuesday Date With Myself

After a (somewhat) busy yesterday preceded by a hectic Sunday move-out, I knew I wanted to take this Tuesday for myself. I slept in as late as I wanted, made myself a delicious lunch, brewed a cup of my favorite Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf passion tea, and relaxed in my room. Eventually, I decided to take myself on a date to Barnes and Noble, which ended up being lovely (and much longer than I anticipated).

I WISH I had bought one of these cheesecakes! Next time for sure 🙂

I drove my dad’s old Jeep to my favorite hometown bookstore this afternoon. I was greeted by the smell of fresh paper as I opened the glass doors and strolled to the cafe. I ordered a chai tea latte, drank a small sample of a delicious s’mores frappacino, and took the escalator upstairs to find my latest read.

Wearing my new sandals from Target 🙂

I came to the store in search of a fantasy novel, and I found so many books that interested me! I have been wanting to read Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham — which is not fantasy at all but totally up my alley — and I grabbed that along with a Japanese fantasy novel and a couple others. I narrowed it down to these two, and was about to purchase them, but while I walked toward the escalator down, I found the “Local Authors” table. I had no idea this was even a thing! Ventura has local authors, what?!

I browsed the Manga section and found a Japanese novel called Spice and Wolf! I will be buying the kindle version though, since the only copy I found was all scuffed up 😦
Spent some time in a cozy chair reading the first chapters of each of the books that caught my eye 🙂

The “Local Authors” table had a fantasy series called His Fair Assassin, with the first book entitled Grave Mercy. These books are written by Robin LaFevers, and I browsed her website while flipping through the first novel in the series. She seems like such an interesting woman, and who wouldn’t want to buy a fantasy novel from a local novelist? This is amazing!

I even bought a signed copy!

The best part of the entire experience is that I bought this book even after looking all over. It felt like fate, like this series somehow found me! I know it is a little silly to think that a book could just come to you, but as a reader and a writer myself, I believe in fate and I most definitely believe this was it.

Taking myself on this date was honestly so wonderful. I love my family and my friends and boyfriend, but I think this summer will really teach me the value in being alone. I used to always spend time alone at Barnes and Noble in high school, and it was so enjoyable to tap back into that part of myself this afternoon.

I also want to start doing book reviews on this blog, so once I finish this book I think it will be my first review!

Thank you for reading, and if you did, please leave me a comment below! I truly value feedback and my readers, wherever and whoever you are. 🙂

Lots of love,


If You Love Something, Set It Free

If You Love Something, Set It Free


If you love something, set it free


Another school year has come and has practically gone, and with that another year of my life is coming to a close. With this change is coming a lot of acceptance, some grief, but above all, excitement for life ahead, although I am not sure what it holds yet.


I am a planner and a doer. I like to have things in order and I like to know what is coming. And there is something about change that really makes me uncomfortable, but that topic is one for another day. But like everything in life, the things we plan eventually must (or sometimes, must not) come to fruition, and eventually a close. One of the things in my life that is ending is my career as an editor at The Bottom Line, the newspaper that has become a sort of home to me since fall of my freshman year at UCSB. I have grown to create a career for myself at this newspaper. After a quarter of writing for it, I became hooked and I set goals and plans for myself and my life there. I went on to become a steady reporter after a year of staff writing, and eventually was hired to be the Executive Content Editor, overseeing the production and content of the newspaper each week–or really, each day.

After a quarter of writing for it, I became hooked and I set goals and plans for myself and my life there.

This was so exciting to me. I loved my job. I loved coming in to the newsroom every week to send the paper, and I got a thrill every time we completed an editorial cycle. It was exciting and new, and exactly what I wanted for myself. I set out to accomplish the goal of becoming an editor my junior year, and I did just that. I am proud to say that I can check that off my list.


But that’s just it. It became a job. As time went on and responsibilities became more and more daunting, working at the newspaper became less and less enjoyable. I got older, and life became more monotonous. The pressure built up and I got lost. I felt obligated and isolated at times, and I found myself often regressing into the same feelings I felt when I was in high school, the feelings of self-doubt and unworthiness.

The pressure built up and I got lost.

While I can say that I hired the new “me” with a sigh of relief, I can also say that these past two weeks have been more…well, surprising. I am so happy to be training the new person who will be taking over my job, but part of me feels anxious and weird about closing this door of my life. Giving the new ECE more responsibilities as I train her has definitely taken a load of my shoulders and given me more time to dedicate to school, but it has also given me more time to reflect and understand exactly how I am feeling. Within rant-y Tumblr posts, short journal scrawls, and finally this blog, I have reflected on how I feel and what I want. This is messy at times, and my brain can feel clouded with emotion and rules, and sometimes I don’t really even know how I feel or what I want.


But after a conversation with a coworker today, I think I have reached a sort of contentment. I love The Bottom Line, admittedly. Though it has caused me emotional strife and I drink a lot more coffee than water some days, I can confidently say that I love it. The newspaper has given me what I asked of it. Sure, a lot of the feelings were not expected, and there are some things I truly wish I could have changed but had no control over, but I can still say that, well…I feel content. And it is with this contentment that I feel comfortable closing the door.


I will still be here. I will still return to write articles, maybe even weekly. I don’t think my Tuesday evenings will ever feel the same after this year, and I don’t think I will ever feel fully comfortable in the newsroom, to tell you the truth. And that is okay with me. But all in all, this is a door that I feel I need to close. For myself, really. At least for now.

Though it has caused me emotional strife and I drink a lot more coffee than water some days, I can confidently say that I love it.

And so with a clearer, much less caffeinated mindset, I shall set it free, with more love than ever.


Thank you for reading.




5 Ways to De-Stress While Studying

5 Ways to De-Stress While Studying

Hi readers! Today I want to share with you all my top five tips for de-stressing while you are studying. I know that there are so many lists of tips and tricks for de-stressing, but, I want to tell you how you can do it while being productive at the same time.

1. Put away the planner

Okay, I admit, I am a planner junkie. I am addicted to making lists and writing down exactly what I need to do each week and each day. This is the only way I can remember everything I need to do! However, I have noticed that I get way more distracted and stressed when I can see my planner while studying. If my planner is within eyesight, I will without a doubt be in the middle of reading or studying or doing homework when suddenly
I think of something else I need to do and have to write it down. But taking the time to write down these sudden thoughts is a distraction! Instead of staying focused, I was letting myself get off track in order to write down something that could have waited. By keeping my planner tucked away in my backpack and out of sight, I am able to zero in on the task at hand and get it done more efficiently.
2. Disable WiFi, if possible
If you are not doing work that requires the internet, then you should definitely turn the internet off. This is a simple and easy way to unplug and focus. If your messages are linked to your computer or if you are constantly on social media, then disabling WiFi will eliminate those outside distractions, and you will have to think about turning it on before you make the decision to be distracted. If you find yourself wanting to turn the internet on again, think: Is this worth it? Why do I need to take a break right now? Could I get up and stretch instead?
3. Put your phone away
Just do it. I know it is hard, but there is no reason why your phone should be anywhere near you while you are studying. Trust me, this works.

4. Wear a watch




A really easy way to keep track of how long you have been studying is to simply wear a watch. You can use it to time yourself and time your breaks, and it will keep you from looking at your phone or your computer screen when you need to know what time it is. This is just another way to eliminate as many electronics as possible. (And shout out to Krystin from Girl in Betsey for my Daniel Wellington watch! I wear it every day.)
5. Stay hydrated
I drink a lot of coffee, and sometimes I don’t realize that I am putting more coffee into my body than water. As a result, I tend to get headaches, which are a terrible distraction and make me more stressed! I feel like I can’t be productive when my head hurts so bad, and this is something I have been making an effort to control. If you keep a tall glass of water with you at your desk for the duration of your studying, you will find yourself drinking it a lot more. Keeping track of how much water you drink is important, and it will help you be less stressed in the long run. During times of stress, our skin can break out, we can become tired or antsy, and sometimes we snack for no reason. But drinking water and making an effort to put healthy liquids into your body will cause you to feel happier and healthier.
I hope these tips helped! Leave a comment down below of your de-stressing tips.
Bailee Takes Taiwan: Travel Essentials (So Far!)

Bailee Takes Taiwan: Travel Essentials (So Far!)

Hi everyone! With my upcoming trip to Taiwan this winter, I have begun thinking about what I want to bring. There are so many things that come to mind when I think of travel essentials (especially after reading Backpacks and Blackboards’s super helpful packing list), but very few that I realize I actually need to bring with me. So, I have narrowed it down to the top six things I think I should bring on my trip. Here they are!

1. A windbreaker.

Thunderstorms are currently on the horizon for Taipei, and while I can’t be too sure what the weather will be like this winter, so given the unpredictability I think a windbreaker should definitely be an essential. I bought mine over the summer at Wal-Mart for around $14. Normally I don’t buy clothes at Wal-Mart, but as a college student on a budget, I definitely swoop on any deal I can. The windbreaker is black, lightweight, hooded, and (the best part) can be tightened at the waist. Rain or shine, this light jacket will come in handy.

Tip: purchase jackets one size larger! This way, you can wear big sweaters underneath and still feel comfy.

2. My Macbook Pro.

While I wouldn’t normally consider bring a computer on a vacation, I want to make sure I can write blog posts about every destination, as well as Facetime my family. Therefore, this laptop will definitely be my late night and early morning BFF.

3. Lip balm.

My recent favorite is the EOS lip balm in honeydew melon. It tastes light a fruity and does a great job at moisturizing my lips. The best part? It is so large and oddly shaped that I can always find it in my purse or backpack! I have heard that airplanes are very dry, so this will keep my lips from getting gross and chapped.

4. Moisturizer.

As we are getting into the depths of fall, my skin has been terribly dry. It is awful! So I have been using the Trader Joes Nourish Moisturizer. It is lightweight, can be worn under makeup, and I never forget to apply it before bed. I will definitely be bringing this in a travel container. Who knows how my skin will react to the weather in Taiwan?

5. Mascara.

I will probably bring a small makeup bag with me (upcoming blog post to come), but mascara is my number one product. The Covergirl Super Sizer mascara separates my lashes while making them nice and thick with just one or two coats. If I don’t wear any other makeup, I’ll definitely look more awake while wearing this.

6. Booties.

You can never go wrong with a pair of tan booties! I have had these Sam and Libby ones from Target for around a year, and they are still going strong. They are broken in perfectly and go with any outfit — skirts/dresses with tights, skinny jeans, you name it! Plus they are super comfortable to walk in, which is a must, Chris tells me, because we will be doing a LOT of walking in Taiwan.

Thanks for reading! Please let me know what your travel essentials are, especially for tropical winter climates.